Best Time to Catch Catfish

Catfish is not a choice of the picky eaters. They will bite at many different kinds of bait, like catfish bait that smells very strong. Catfishes like to bite every time in the day, but there are still some times when you can catch them. While you can catch them any time in the day, there are definitely some specific windows that will help catch the fish easily.

If you love fishing and want to catch more fishing, read this article completely because we collect all the details about how you can catch a catfish in a perfect daytime. Or, if you want more success in catching fishes, then you can get an advantage from the seasonal patterns. Let’s have a look below and keep reading to know the best time of day to catch catfish.

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Best Times of Day to Catch Catfish

Fisherman’s who catch the catfish confirmed that the best time to catch a catfish is one or two hours before sunset. This is the time when catfish come out from the deep water where they are hiding in the warmer hours of the day. The catfish enjoy the deep water of rivers and lakes because the water temperature is more suitable for them.

Also, this trick keeps them safe from the danger of natural predators such as large fishes and birds. When the sun starts to set, water temperature in the shallows areas cools and becomes more comfortable for the catfishes. And, this time is beneficial for the anglers because of shallows areas that are much easy to catch when fishing from the shore.

Start casting your bait one hour before sunset and wait for at least 30 minutes at one place. If you didn’t catch any catfish, move to the other spot on the river or lake. Finding a best place for fishing is an important point. Find those areas where water gets deeper easily and those areas where weeds and other underwater structures are nearby for catfish.

Fish for catfish throughout the day or at the night time for catching and fishing for catfish. You can also catch a flathead catfish in rivers late in the day. Bass and catfish grow best in the deep water so catfish can be caught at the best times to fish for catfish.

Does Cat Fish Feed More in Day or Night?

Catfishes like to eat both times of the day, but it depends on the season. In the summer season, the catfish hunt is at dusk and at night. And, this is because the water temperature is warm for them during the day hours. So, they like to rest in the deep areas until it starts getting dark. When the sun has set, catfish came out in the cool shallow water.

While the winter season, catfish feeds more during the day hours. The water temperature patterns flip, and the best temperature for the hunting occurs while the day hours. At the night, catfish go to deep areas of water to stay warm in the cold night. You can also catch a big channel catfish at the best times of summer catfish fishing.

Best Temperature to Catch a Catfish

Above you know what time is best to catch a catfish, it also depends on the water temperature. Let’s have a look at what is the best temperature to catch a catfish. The catfish relatively enjoy the warm water areas with the ideal conditions around 70 

degrees Fahrenheit. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch them when the temperature of the water is different. This fish can be active in the temperature of water between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Seasonal Pattern to Catch Cat-fish

You can catch catfish the whole year-round, but it depends a lot on the boat you have, and you have to fish at night also. To catch a catfish, you just need to adjust your style of fishing. So, let’s start to begin to know the best time and season to catch a catfish.

Time of Day in Summer

Trying to catch a fish in summer is usually either boom or bust. Since the catfish can spend all the day in the deep water areas. And, the best time when you can catch them is from shore is around the dusk and in the night. If you have your boat, then you can also catch them in the middle of the day. All you have to do is just put your bait on that area where those fishes are resting.

If you do this process correctly, you will be most likely to catch up with more than one catfish. These fishes tend to congregate in schools while warm days to stay away from the heat. Summer is the best time when channel catfish can be caught. It’s the prime time to catch fish every day at the right time.

Time of Day in Fall

Many anglers argue on this topic as they said that fall season is best to catch catfish. Their main prey, shad, starts its spawning season, bringing lots of hungry catfish out in the droves. The water temperature is cool in the summer season, which can encourage catfish to come out from the depths early in the day.

When the fall season starts to transition to winter, one more important factor begins to impact their eating habits. Same like other fishes, they start preparing for the winter season by eating extra fat reserves. It means you can catch a lot of hungry catfish all the time of the day.

Most of the days, fall is the best season to catch catfish. Early and late in the day to catch big catfish at the time of the day or night. Time for catching catfish angler forum that catfish are often catch at day the best time. Catfish prefer to catch in a day to fish that uploaded by the catfish edge.

Time of Day in Winter

Many catfish anglers think that the fall season is best to catch catfish. Maybe they probably agree that winter is the worst season to catch catfish. In the winter season, catfish tend to skip many baits that come in their way. Therefore, we recommend waiting for the spring season to catch a catfish.

Time of Day in Spring

The spring season can be a decent time of the year to catch a catfish, especially when you are waiting for the latter half of the season. If the water temperature is still cold early on, so the catfish will behave like winter and not be feeding. Also, if the month is April and May, then these fishes will start to be more active and feed more as the water temperature begins normally. In the spring season, the best time of the day is later in the afternoon to dusk.

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How to Catch a Catfish?

Before we start part ways, we thought it makes sense to quickly go over what we need to catch a catfish and some basics. Channel catfishes are the most common type of catfish, so here we are going to cover the types of fishing to catch them.

Use a surf fishing rod to catch them, as the surf rods may provide more flexibility while fishing from shore. Also, it allows you to cast catfish bait in that areas where big catfish like to hide. Extra size rod may help in the battle with a large catfish from depths.

For the reel, the recommendation is that you can use a surfcasting reel or a heavier bottom fishing reel while fishing for the catfish. Both options will work better to catch a fish with monofilament and braided fishing line.

Use the best catfish rig, and recommended rig is the standard fish finder rig. The pyramid’s weight will help you get the bait down where the catfish likes to hide. And, the thick leader may prevent the large catfish from breaking off.


Hope this article will help you to know the best time to catch a catfish in different seasons. In the type of baits, these fishes are not so picky, but they like to eat at a particular time of the day. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will enjoy your next catfish fishing adventure.

You will definitely know the best time to catch catfish at the whole time of year. The good time to catch catfish at the day you will catch blue catfish. Best times to catch channel catfish is the day season of fall. In the day catfish move out from the deep water to eat.