Helix 12 fish finder is made by the Humminbird brands and comes in the series of Humminbird Helix chirp mega SI. It’s one of the best fish finders that launched in 2016. Also, it comes with many amazing features that you can expect from the unit of the Humminbird Helix series. Humminbird company made this fantastic unit with the third-generation technique for their beloved customers.

Helix 12
Helix 12 Chirp GPS fishfinder

Key Features

  • 12-inch wide TFT screen display
  • Dual beam plus and CHIRP sonar
  • Transom XHS 9 HS SI 180 T
  • Down and Side imaging
  • Depth capability: Dual-beam plus:1,500 ft, Si and Di: 150 ft
  • Resolution: 1280 * 800 pixel matrix
  • Frsquency: Dual-Beam Plus: 83/200kHz – Di:455kHz, Si: 455/800kHz
  • Internal GPS
  • Power output: 1,000W RMS
  • Power Input: 10-20 VDC
  • ContourXD maps
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Stor up to 2,500 waypoints and 47 routes

Humminbird Helix 12 has come with a large 12-inch big screen and amazing features. This model comes with excellent and sophisticated features like more power, MEGA imaging for best image clarity, and many more things.

New models are also loaded with amazing features like crystal clear display and some of the accurate transducer we’ve seen. This brand also offers different options to fulfill all your fishing needs. And, the Helix 12 is one of the biggest and badest units in the Helix series. Here we are going to describe all the amazing features of these best fish finders.

Humminbird Helix 12

Another one of the largest fishfinders comes with the 12-inch big-screen display. This unit’s measurement is 14.86 * 8.52 * 1.36 inches, and this is a great size as it won’t be obtrusive. It can easily sit on the control panel of your boat. While this model is larger than other fish finder models, it shouldn’t be awkward to maneuver around. Also, it can mounts easily just about anywhere.

Many people choose this model for fishing just because of its size. And, the truth behind this the Humminbird brand makes sure to pack with the power and many sophisticated features. But it totally depends on the model you choose in the several available units. So, you will get MEGA imaging technology with side imaging and Mega down imaging.

Also, you will get premium charts, Ethernet port, GPS facility, and many other features. This company makes their fish finders very simple to navigate. The control panel ensures that you can easily find the features such as imaging and other tools you may need within seconds.

Display and Resolution

The name of this model, Helix 12, is because of its screen size 12-inch display. The screen of this model comes with a crystal clear 1280-by-800 HD pixel resolution. But not only this model comes with the best resolution in its class. It is beating out the other Humminbird Helix models along with many other brands. Also, it has an extremely bright screen at 1,500 nits that ensure easy viewing at any time.

This model’s display comes with a glass bonded display that helps to increase the viewing angles and remove the glare. One more benefit of this model is its brightness, so you can easily view the sonar readings while high noon and morning sun, pitch-black night, and any time in a whole day.

MEGA 360 Imaging

Near all, the iteration of this Humminbird Helix 12 model includes 360-degree imaging. But still, if you are searching for the best version, get the G4N variants with the MEGA imaging. These have also come with the MEGA 360 imaging that is able to give the clearest reading around the vessels.

Also, it is able to give you a sweeping view of 150 feet area around your boat. It quickly updates the images of fishes and structures entering and exiting the radius—moreover, it’s fantastic to monitor the area and get near-photographic results.

Dual Spectrum CHIRP

Humminbird Helix 12 model also comes with the dual spectrum CHIRP sonar and internal gps. It might sound like the two different models, but actually, there are three models that you can choose from. The wide mode of this model casts the signal out between 140-200kHz. And, this range is excellent to see the large area. Somewhat, the quality of the image suffers from the wide radius, but it is also an expected thing.

When you find the target, then you can switch it to the Narrow mode between 180-240kHz. Also, it can reduce the effective size, but the quality of the image goes up significantly. The two modes of this model are Full Mode that combines the best qualities of both Narrow and Wide Modes. It is between 150-220kHz, and it is excellent if you want a high-quality image with the perfect distance.

Side Imaging

Humminbird brand increases side imaging limits and made their new model with the MEGA Side imaging+ technology. This technology is the upgraded form of regular side imaging and even upgraded form of the previous MEGA Side imaging. This type of imaging sends the beam to the side of vessels and allows you to simultaneously see both the left and right sides.

MEGA Side imaging technology uses the high frequency, which is shorter than the other frequencies. But it’s able to give you the best image clarity. It’s not only, but it can also provide 20% clearer and 60% further than the old version of MEGA Side Imaging. Here you have three different frequencies in which you can choose any frequency. You can get 800 feet with the 455kHz, 400 feet with the MEGA & 250 feet with the 800kHz.

Down Imaging

The down imaging is similar to the side imaging because the Humminbird also upgrades the side imaging technology to the newest MEGA Side Imaging+. Make sure to check the exact model if you are getting this model or other down imaging types. It’s able to give you the view right under of your boat and put you right on the position where the fishes are.

You can use it if you know that the fishes are just under your boat or if you want to see the structure underwater. This type of imaging in this model is known for its clarity. But also, Humminbird enhances the limits and resolution of the images. Also, it doesn’t have the same distance as the CHIRP and side Imaging. It really doesn’t need since the whole view directly under and around the vessel.

Unless your target is near or more deep, you shouldn’t have the hundreds and hundreds of feet. There are several frequencies to choose from. You can get 400 feet at 455kHz, 200 feet with the MEGA, and 125 feet with the 800kHz. MEGA technology is ideal for overall clarity. But the other two are also useful if you want to see a deeper and closer look.


The Humminbird Helix 12’s model comes with amazing and highly accurate. It also connects with the Humminbird base map. It also gives you access to more than 10,000 US lakes also with coastal coverage. These things but the base map include points of interest like hazards, day markers, contours, buoys, depth markers, and many more things.

Also, you can mark up to the 2,500 waypoints along with the trip. Moreover, there are premium charts available that you can add for the extra fee. The sonar and internal gps with humminbird basemap come with the helix chirp gps gn features. It also shows the display and dual spectrum chirp sonar.

AutoChart Live

If you want to make your own real-time maps, so the auto chart live is for you, that will be an essential upgrade for you. It can connect the LakeMaster and allow you to record all the data as you move with the water. Moreover, the LakeMaster and more preloaded maps are very accurate. So, the auto chart live allows recording all the changes. For instance, it can also track the vegetation, bottom hardness, contours, fishes, and much more things. But if you didn’t have the SD card, then you can record the data for 8 hours without an SD card.

Main Title

Helix 12 Chirp GPS fishfinder

The Good

  • 2D CHIRP
  • Dual-Frequency sonar
  • Down and side imaging
  • XHS 9 HD SI 180 T transducer
  • Very bright 12.1 display
  • Wireless control
  • Fast inrternal GPS module
  • Preloaded contourXD charts
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Capable of 360 imaging
  • Unit cover + gimbal mount

The Bad

  • Not a suitbale model for the beginners


Humminbird Helix 12 has come with a large 12-inch big screen and amazing features. This model comes with excellent and sophisticated features like more power, MEGA imaging for best image clarity, and many more things. Many people consider this model because of its big-screen display. Then just give it a try if you are in search of a powerful and strong fish finder that doesn’t cut any concerns.