Humminbird Helix 7

This model of the Humminbird brand built a name for itself as one of the best fish finders in the market. As this brand comes with many variations of many products, but this Helix chirp mega SI 7 is the most popular product. It comes with some unique features that both professionals and amateurs will love. At first, we will look at the base model, and then we will talk about the variations, extra features, and other things you can get in this.

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Key Features

  • Dual Spectrum
  • Compatibility with Navionics
  • Bluetooth and Ethernet networking
  • Resolution of 800*480
  • Screen size 7” inches
  • CHIRP sonar with a depth capability of 1,500.”
  • Single Micro SD slot for extra money
  • Built-in GPS providing over 2,500 waypoints and up to 50 routes
  • Keypad control
  • AutoChart live to creat own map in real-time
  • Comes with gimbal mounting bracket, transducer, mounting hardware, and power cable.

Humminbird Helix 7 is one of the most strong fish founders globally, especially considering its price points. Also, this model has a transmit power of 500W and 4,000W peak-to-peak.

People recommend buying live gps and Humminbird Helix di 7 as the best fish finder. You can get a clear view of underwater by using this model. The MEGA side imaging feature of this unit enables you to get up to 125 ft of coverage on either boat side. Also, it has Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar, and it can enhance the target separation and provide a fulfilling 2D sonar experience and better fish arches.

With the built-in Bluetooth unit that you can pair with your smartphone. So, you can get the text message popups, updates, and even you can control the unit. Here in this article, you will get all the details about this amazing fish finder model. So, let’s have a look below at helix series model:

Display Size and Resolution

Screen size is described in the name of the model as it comes with a 7-inch display. It should be perfect considering all data you will be interpreting from sonar and GPS. And, the resolution is 800*480 pixels and shows 256 colors on the screen. All these colors will be used to find the perfect place to fish determine how many fishes are around you. Humminbird helix chirp mega si gps also comes with LED backlighting to make images clear and easy.

Are you worried about the sunlight? This model’s display is made to even work in a harsh, bright environment, and ensuring it that you can use it the whole day. The whole display has secured with the bonded glass. Those with the stock the Helix chirp mega di 5 know that the plastic is a default material for that particular model.

This glass enclosure can keep your display safe from water while fishing, with enhancing the image. Generally, the enclosure is superior to most other fish finders out there. Also, it is ensuring that you have a fun time while searching fishes instead of fighting with the device.

Enhanced Memory

All the new models of Helix 7 come with double RAM that is essential considering all of the data which should be captured. Few people complained about the earlier models of Helix 7 and other similar fish finders. Because the RAM was so low that the images would sometimes lag and not display properly.

Since commonly, the Helix 7 is just displayed side-by-side images, and you can see how many problems would quickly arise. Increased memory of this model allows keeping the images fluid and in real-time. And, the lags are incredibly rare.

So you shouldn’t have to miss the big the one in accidentally miss the school of fish as they swim by. Clarity is the real thing of this model, and the Humminbird is the leader in this category. And, all the images are very clear as possible. Also, they will stay in real-time throughout your whole journey.

GPS Capabilities

The base model of this brand comes with the GPS, but also, there are few models that doesn’t contain GPS. It’s live GPS and humminbird basemap built a great quality to find locations.

So, normally it makes them more budget-friendly. GPS in the fish finder is not exactly very important, but it’s very helpful if you are going fishing to new water to get a great review of the whole area. With this, you will able to track your speed and location. Generally, you will track it with the depths around your area.

This feature will help to make it easy to find new areas to fish depending on your preferences. And, the GPS capability of this unit allows setting the waypoints and routes. Also, it helps you go out the whole day without getting lost, and also it ensures that you hit all the spots you want. With the Helix 7 model, you can program up to 45 to 4,500 waypoints.

While the Humminbird Helix 7 GPS doesn’t stand out too much from the crowd, this model is functional and gives you all the features you would need for an adventurous fishing trip.

Power, Frequency, & Depth

Sonar Humminbird Helix 7 is one of the most strong fish founders globally, especially considering its price points. Also, this model has a transmit power of 500W and 4,000W peak-to-peak. The unit’s sonar frequency operates at 83/200 kHz with 2D imaging and 455 kHz side and down imaging Depth is 1,500 feet for 2D images and 100 feet for side imaging.

Moreover, there are few fish finders with better depth, but typically they are more expensive. But generally, it is enough for the people who are looking for fish. However, if you have a plan of fishing very deep, then definitely you need to use a better with better depth.

SwitchFire Imaging

The SwitchFire imaging feature of this model is very good. This is a Humminbird interpretation of TVG found on the fish founders. It’s a kind of 2D imaging that will create multi-colored views, which can improve overall clarity. This model comes in two different types: Max & Clear, and you can easily switch between them at will.

Max is good enough to start as it gives you a view of thermoclines, currents, and fish representation. Once you found a good spot for yourself, then switch to a clear view. This can remove the other object’s noise and provide a clear & true view of fish sizes.

CHIRP Sonars

Have you ever heard about the CHIRP sonars? It starts with the military tech and slowly moved the way to recreational sonars for fishing. Also, it stands for the compressed high-intensity radiated pulse. This feature gives you better and clearer images than ever by using a sweeping frequency as it scans the water. You can find this with many Helix chirp msi gps variants.

Suppose you are serious about finding fishes and exactly want to know that what’s down in the water, then CHIRP is very important. But it’s not only that because it’s also fun to play with this new tech and see how much it’s powerful. Transom mount transducer the helix angling experience with the humminbird helix. Helix CHIRP gps gn features with the gpd Humminbird brand.

Humminbird Helix 7


The Good

  • LakeMaster compatibility
  • Clear display
  • MHz imaging
  • Pre-loaded split-screen view
  • Ability to create real-time maps
  • Accuracy due to the LakeMaster maps
  • Two-way search, due to its dual spectrum
  • Handy accessories
  • Exceptionally adaptable with down diagnostics, side imaging, etc.
  • Imposing 7-inch panoramic with elevated intention display
  • Encompassed organizing equipment
  • Can gain up to 1,500 depth
  • Ethernet networking obtainable to acquire copious technology

The Bad

  • Quite Expensive
  • Doesn’t offer WiFi connectivity


In general, Humminbird Helix fish finder 7 is just simply amazing. This model comes at an affordable price point, but you’d expect them to more expensive consider the wide array of features. The default model of Humminbird helix mega si comes with the GPS, amazing memory, SwitchFire, and great resolution. There are also many models available with side imaging, down imaging, CHIRP, and some other features that you’re sure to love.