Lowrance Elite 5-TI Fish Finder

Are you tired of searching for fishing spots to turn on your game fish? Then it’s time to get some professional fish finder tools from Lowrance fish finders  that will help to find fishes from the depth and far further than what the human eye can see.

There are a huge amount of fish finders available in the market, but here we are going to describe a perfect Lowrance Elite 5-Ti review. There are also four different fish finders available that are of varying size. Each model can provide some amazing features. Get the best deal for Lowrance fishfinder and let’s look at the review of new Lowrance Elite and see if it’s according to your desires.

Our Pick
Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Fishfinder Chartplotter with Downscan


  • Display: Widescreen, 16:9 ; WVGA color TFT LCD
  • Display Size: 5”/ 12.7 cm
  • Display Resolution: 800*480
  • Display: Backlighting LED
  • Transducer Type: Multiple Selection Lowrance and Airmar
  • Power Supply: 12 vDC (10-17 vDC min-max)
  • GPS Antenna Type: Internal high-sensitivity WAAS+EGNOS+MSAS

The Lowrance Elite TrackBack feature that has various type of scans and imaging types. There are many reviews Lowrance Elite fish finder product that support its worthy working.

Display and Resolution

As we above mentioned, this Elite Ti Lowrance fishfinder line comes in four different models. And, the one major difference between these models is their display size. These have come with 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch display sizes, and each model has a resolution of 480*800 pixels. This high resolution is de Elite hall mark because it provide clear and clean sonar images.

Elite TI is a touchscreen fishfinder from the stock Lowrance Elite brand. Also, the display of these models has WVGA colors and ensures that everything looks clear and bright on the screen. It also comes with the LED backlight to make it easy to see the images on screen regardless of time, and it’s set up with 1,200 nits of brightness. The screen of this model also resistant to glares, so you can see it clearly while the brightest days and darkest nights.

You can also see that it display the elite high resolution screen. The Lowrance com provides the solution to your every needs for fishing. That is why it has very balanced and clear image view that keeps an even border around the whole model. This thing can keep the unit safe from the dings during aesthetically pleasing. Elite TI touch screen Buttons of this unit are settled on the right side and ensuring that you can easily change between the views.

As we look at the views, so you can see three different views at a time, with the different types of imaging being applied to each. Moreover, Elite TI touchscreen fishfinder allows you to select the options from the screen itself without any hectic.

Wireless Connectivity

This elite fish finder has the Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity features. You may think and wonder if it’s a good thing because why would a fish finder need a wireless connectivity feature? All the units which contain GPS, other devices, in general, receive software updates. Many of these models are also connected with the computer in order to get the updates.

But the Elite Ti DownScan model comes with support of downloading and installing of  software updates without leaving the water. One more benefit of this unit is that you can easily download the new Genesis Insight maps whenever you need them all. You can buy Lowrance elite TI med to have idea about different areas for fishing.

CHIRP Imaging

The CHIRP technology has been used for the past few years, but the military used it the first time for sonar image clarity. Unlike the other traditional sonar, which bounces waves at once, the frequency of objects. The CHIRP will allow you to bounce the multiple frequencies to make clear images. And, this feature comes standard with all the Elite Ti fish finders. So, you can easily enjoy the benefits of this unit, or you choose.

Moreover, Elite TI has your sonar issues solution because this feature ensures that you can easily see what’s underneath your boat. Also, this fish finder features the elite sonar facility that can work at the low, medium, and high frequencies of 83,200, 455, and 800kHz.

Automatic Fish Symbol ID

It’s a unique feature that is proprietary to Lowrance, and this feature is quite unique. Normally, when you go fishing and use a fish finder, you need to pay attention to the sonar and try to interpret the little arches and bumps as either fish and other objects. You can get the best deals for Lowrance Elite from the same brand with next level features. While the other professional fisherman can easily tell you the difference, and no one likes to do the work of interpreting the symbols you see.

The automatic fish symbol feature makes your efforts very easy. Fishfinder automatically changes the image on the screen so that you can easily see the symbols of little fishes. Also, this feature makes it much easier to fish finder, see their sizes, and determine the directions and the speed of models. All this work is manual that is taken out so you can set your line and relax.

Structures & DownScan

There is something that may confuse some people is the Structure Scan and DownScan features. This is because both of these features often have different names from the other fish finders. Structure Scan feature has the name of Side imaging, which means that it will provide 180-degrees field-of-view all around your boat. It can provide a much wider view of all the sides of boats and ensures that you can see everything you can see around the boat.

And the DownScan is commonly known as the down-imaging. It’s a great feature that will give you a POV view underneath the water. Unlike the other view, that displays everything little streaks in the sonar. And the DownScan can provide a more clear view of the creatures and objects down there. It will allow you to see things like you are a fish. Moreover, it has Lowrance transducer comes with de Lowrance Elite to make fish finding easier.

GPS Capabilities

If you are going to a familiar way and common waterway route, you may not know what the GPS is useful for. Because the GPS is a huge asset whenever you go to an unfamiliar place, it not only tracks your speed but also helps determine your location and how to go back home.

Moreover, the Elite TI has the GPS will allow you to program 100 routes and gives you more than enough of your need. Also, here you can store up to 3,000 points, and you should have no problem while programming all your routes and places for fishing adventures.


Here is one another beneficial feature comes with the Elite Ti fishfinder, and that is TrackBack mode. This feature will allow you to compare the population of different fishes based on your recorded data so that you can easily use this feature to find better areas that you liked and want to visit those places again. If you prefer Elite and Elite Lowrance Moreover, this feature will ensure that you immediately find the fish, and you can start casting off, rather than going to the areas in circles and trying to find other good areas.

Power, Depth, and Frequencies

Transmission of power in this unit is fairly standard 500W, which is most common for many fish finders of this size and price tag. With this unit, you get the maximum depth of 1,000 feet that is among the higher end of the normal or similar fish finders.

Also, it allows using different frequencies that help to discover where are fishes. Here you can scan in 50, 83, 200, 455, and 800kHz, but it is based on what type of scanning you are doing and preferred options. Various reviews Elite TI provides you information about its effective working and depth details.

Lowrance Elite 5-TI

Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Fishfinder Chartplotter with Downscan

The Good

  • Touch Screen
  • Pre-loaded Maps
  • Split Screen

The Bad

  • Bugs reported in shallow water


If you are in search of a model that comes with many features and a very functional model, then the Lowrance Elite 5-Ti is less expensive and the perfect option for you. It comes with many amazing features like determine which signals are not fishes.

The Lowrance Elite TrackBack feature that has various type of scans and imaging types. There are many reviews Lowrance Elite fish finder product that support its worthy working. Using this feature, you will never have a problem finding the fishes from underneath the water. It also comes in different display sizes and ensures that you can get the right option for yourself.