Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3

Many people think that fishing is supposed to be a fun and exciting thing. And, it’s definitely a fun thing when you catch something on the hook. But while fishing sometimes you didn’t get something even sit for hours. You’ll be started to get a little bored. But the professionals have to find fishes, so if actually, you want a fish, then it’s the right time to pick a professional fish finder.

HDS GEN offers tournament and recreational anglers high level fish finder support to capture more fish. It has the ability to take their fish finding needs to a solution and provide tournament level fish finder tactics for better fishing experience.  

Here we are going to explain all the amazing features of the Lowrance HDS 7 model. This HDS GEN insight model is one of the best fish finders that come at an affordable price. It’s actually come with all the Lowrance high quality features you want in a fish finder, and along with some special extra that you’re sure to love. Definitely, it took the fish finding to the next level with HDS GEN touch and system HDS support. Let’s have a look below at reading the features of Lowrance hook HDS GEN fishfinder.

Lowrance fish finder


  • LED backlight with 7-inch display
  • Wide screen, multi-touch screen
  • Easy to use keypad and touchscreen
  • CHIRP sonar
  • StructureScan HD
  • Enhanced and faster processor
  • Integrated Wireless connection
  • Go-Free Cloud-Enabled
  • Trackback
  • Single Ethernet Networking Port
  • Micro-C Connection
  • Video Input – Optional Adapter Cable
  • Broadband Sounder
  • SpotlightScan Sonar ready

Lowrance HDS 7 model is one of the best affordable fish finders. Also, it comes with many amazing features that you need to find great fishing spots

Display and Resolution

As the name is HDS 7, let’s guess that this model comes with a 7-inch screen. Lowrance high definition system that integrates GEN touch fishfinder to provide view of fish. It’s one of the more common and famous units in the arena because it’s big enough without being too big. The resolution of this model is 480 by 800 pixels, and it’s quite common. Also, it comes with the WVGA color and LCD backlight with up to 1,200 nits. And these nits will help to keep the screen bright and well-lit throughout the whole day and night.

So, that you will definitely have no problem while seeing the sonar scan images with the high sun and no moon. GEN Lowrance high definition system makes the fish finding easier with its sonar scanning support. This unit is waterproof and well-balanced itself, and it ensures that it looks aesthetically pleasing while also being a very functional model. Gen offers a unique feature that it comes with a touchscreen display itself and also has control buttons on the right side of the unit.

It provides possible view of fish and structure with new Lowrance GEN view facility. Many units only have one feature at a time. When it warm, it allows you to use touch screen functionality. And, if it’s cold, it also allows you to use buttons while your hands and gloves are wet. In spite of having tons of features, in this model, you can easily access all of the features in few seconds.

GPS Capabilities

Having GPS in a fish finder is amazing, even if you are treading some familiar waters. Besides helping in navigation from one point to another, this GPS has some unique and extra tricks. You can easily program 200 routes with this GPS, which is more than the same fish finders. Also, you can store up to 5000 waypoints. The waypoints are great because they will help save the locations where you find many fishes. It also provide the best possible view of fish with new Lowrance HDS GEN fishfinders.

Moreover, you will gain access to the “GoFree” feature with the HDS 7. It’s a cloud-enabled feature that will help you to download the maps from nearby users. So, fishing on different boats or want to swap information with your friends allows you to download the maps instantly. Then it will help find the best fishes spots. This GPS has not the same functionality as like commercial fish finders.

Wireless Connectivity

Only one wire is required for this fish finder, and that is the power wire. Everything in this model communicating with the transducers to receive software updates and new maps. You can handle this model with the help of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. These features meaks easy for you to keep your device up to date, which is very important, as other users may realize.

Updates are also available to check that the maps are right. And, this feature runs as very smoothly as possible as they are checking the bugs that are lurking in the background. Unlike many other fish finders that must be connected with the computer to receive all the updates, it can be done right from the open waters.

SD Card Slots

By using SD cards, you can store more routes and data that will help you in fishing. This fish finder also comes with an internal memory of 7.8GB, which is perfect to start with. But definitely, you will need more space to save the recorded data. Also, you can use two SD cards simultaneously up to 32GB of data. Moreover, it’s very easy to swap out and put the other SD card in the slot. However, it is ensuring that you can keep the storage as open as possible to store new data.

CHIRP Imaging

CHIRP imaging is a unique technology that uses several frequencies simultaneously to provide a clearer image. Normally just one frequency has been used, but now this revolutionary CHIRP technology is using multiple frequencies at one time. It provides the best image and ensures that you have an easy time seeing what is around and underneath your boat.

This comes standard with the Lowrance HDS fishfinder, and you will immediately notice the difference when you see the clear image result and how clear readings are. Also, you can use the CHIRP technology with the StructureScan technology for more clear underwater images that can cover the whole area around your boat.

StructureScan and DownScan Imaging

If you are searching for a fish finder, then all these terms may be a little confusing for you. Some other brands often use these terms of side imaging and down imaging, respectively. Regardless, images of this model are amazing and work in a complementary fashion that will help you to find the best fishing spots.

The structure works by expanding the scan area around your boat and showing you what’s around on your boat’s left and right sides. Also, it can provide a 180-degree plane of the version to see if the area is good or not. While the DownScan technology works exactly the opposite. Instead of increasing the distance and range, it especially focuses on clarity.

It can provide a very clear POV underwater; it also allows you to see what’s exactly going on down in the water. You will be easily able to make out the objects to see if they are fish or not.

Power, Depth, and Frequencies

The power of this unit is fairly standard, and It starts with the regular operation power 500W and 4,000W peak-to-peak. The frequencies for the StructureScan are 455kHz to 800kHz. CHIRP range of frequencies from 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, and 130-210kHz. Moreover, you have access to 50, 83, and 200kHz frequencies.

In general, the depth is around 1,000 feet that should be more than adequate for most fishing tips. With the help of this, you will get the idea of what’s swimming around you while it gives you many more frequencies to play around with.

Lowrance HDS 7

Lowrance fish finder

The Good

  • Touch Screen
  • Pre-loaded Maps
  • Split Screen

The Bad

  • Bugs reported in shallow water


The Lowrance HDS 7 model is one of the best affordable fish finders. Also, it comes with many amazing features that you absolutely need to find great fishing spots. Also, this model comes with many amazing features like wireless connectivity, several types of imaging, touchscreen and buttons functionality, and the GoFree feature. This feature helps you to download and share maps with nearby users and friends. You can buy Lowrance HDS live GEN fishfinders from the same brand to enjoy bunch of perks for fishing.